App store coming to Apple Watch – Video

App store coming to Apple Watch - Video

Now let’s talk about apps.
Now these are designed for quick interactions on Watch.
First we’re bringing more Apple apps to Watch.
The new audiobooks app to let you listen to Apple Books and voice memos so you can easily record your thoughts [APPLAUSE].
And calculator [APPLAUSE]
And check this out.
It also includes the ability to do tip calculations, including the ability to split the bill with friends.
Now, we’re also giving developers Great new tools and API’s to build great apps for Apple Watch.
And we’re now making it possible to create apps that run independently on the watch, no longer requiring a companion iPhone app.
And now you can get extended time to access censored data and complete sessions.
Like physical therapy with Kaya, or brushing your teeth with Colgate, or meditating with calm.
And Watch0S6 now enables the streaming of Audio API
So you can go with just your watch.
And you can stream great content like podcasts, music, live sports games.
So with new developer tools, and a new native UI framework coming this year, we’re enabling a whole new generation of apps for watch.
Now to make it even easier for you to discover these apps.
We’re excited to bring the App Store to Apple Watch.
You can browse apps curated by our editorial team.
Or find favorite apps, like Headspace or CARROT Weather or Streaks, Nike Run Club.
You can search the full app store using dictation or scribble or just asking Siri.
And you could view product pages to see information like the app description, reviews, screenshots, and finally you can purchase and install an app directly on your watch.
So discovering and using apps in Apple Watch is gonna be better than ever with the app store and these really great developer tools.

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